Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd’s Managing Director commits to and formally endorses the Health & Safety policy and will undertake to review this statement and the policy on an annual basis. Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd also confirms its commitment to comply fully with all relevant Health & Safety legislation and to continually improve Health & Safety.

In meeting our commercial objectives and the needs of our customers, we aim to achieve and maintain a high standard of Health & Safety for all our Employees, Associates and for others who are involved in, or affected by, our activities.

Health & Safety obligations will be achieved through Risk Assessments and Method Statements, compliance with legislation, communications with Employees, performance review by annual audits, and monitoring of accidents. Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd also commits to provide appropriate resources including staffing, facilities including medical, welfare, work equipment, training, financial and other support including expert advice, where appropriate.

Consultation/communication on Health & Safety matters will take place through informal meetings, and core Health & Safety services will be provided by a recognised Health & Safety Consultant who will supply advice or attend the meetings if required.


Health & Safety is an integral part of how Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd is managed.

All Associates will comply with their own and Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd’s Health & Safety procedures which are aimed at achieving and maintaining high standards in Health & Safety performance.

Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd may require their Health & Safety Consultant to inspect their own premises and/or sites to ensure their work is maintained to a high standard.


Ultimate responsibility for Health & Safety in Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd rests with the Managing Director. However, everyone working in and with the business has a part to play in assisting us to meet our obligations. All our individual Employees and Associates share a responsibility for their own Health & Safety, as well as for the Health & Safety of others who may be affected by their work and behaviour.

The arrangements for implementing this policy and the specific responsibilities of Employees and Managers are set out in the Health & Safety Policy Document.

Managing Director
29th February 2024