Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd’s Managing Director commits to and formally endorses the Environmental policy and will undertake to review this Statement and the Policy on an annual basis.

We aim to reduce the Environmental risks of our operations including the generation of waste, noise, vehicle emissions, machinery emissions, and the release of contaminants into the air, ground or water.

We are committed to comply with all relevant legislation in our processes and operations and to continually improve Environmental performance to prevent or reduce pollution at source.

We will conduct an Environmental Risk Assessment to establish the Environmental aspects of our work, which will cover our activities, products and services. This will enable us to examine our Environmental Impacts and produce effective methods of elimination, reduction or control of those impacts.

To Demonstrate this and to manage our Environmental impacts effectively we will:-

• Make our Environmental policy available to all Employees and other interested parties;
• Train our Employees in Environmental awareness, sound Environmental principles and the impact of our day-to-day operations on the Environment;
• Set up Environmental objectives and targets and monitor their achievement;
• Actively encourage a responsible approach to the Environment by working effectively with Sub Contractors, Suppliers and Clients to encourage their Environmental awareness;
• Integrate Environmental Issues into our decision making processes.

Ultimate responsibility for Environmental issues rests with the Managing Director of Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd. However, everyone working in and with the business has a part to play in assisting us to meet our obligations. All our individual Employees and Associates are made aware of our obligations through training and are encouraged to be involved in the process.

Terry McNulty Managing Director
29th February 2024