Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Buxton & McNulty Mechanical Services Ltd is a mechanical services contractor established in 2003 to provide clients within the construction industry with the following: -

• Mechanical Installations
• Public Health Installations
• Ductwork Installations
• Thermal Insulation
• Air Conditioning
• Flushing & Commissioning


Quality is important to our business because we value our customers and our position in the industry. We strive to provide our customers with a service which is second to none and which will exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas of our business and have established a quality management system which provides a frame work for measuring and improving our performance.


We have developed systems to support our policy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We have a project review system in place allowing us to review our performance on a per project basis.


We have the following processes and procedures in place to ensure consistent delivery: -

• Employee / supplier selection criteria
• Structured training
• Full Health, safety and environmental system including external and internal risk assessment and auditing.
• Job specific Method statement and compliance monitoring system
• Dedicated management team per project
• Detailed processes and procedures made available to staff via company procedures manual.


We have the following processes and procedures in place to meet our policy of continuous improvement: -

• Regular Site reviews
• Regular management reviews
• Measurement of staff performance
• Measurement of supplier performance


We communicate our quality policy to all our staff by the following means: -

• Staff are issued with a copy at their induction when they join us.
• Staff have access to our company procedures manual.


Though the Managing Director is ultimately responsible for Quality in the company, all employees have a responsibility within their own areas of operation.


• Approval of the Procedures
• Management Review
• Design Control
• Supplier Selection and Purchasing
• Contract Management and control
• Training
• Project Management
• Control of Contract Documentation
• Planning and organisation
• Definition of Installation, Inspection, Test and Maintenance requirements
• Quotations
• Contract Review and order processing
• New product identification and evaluation
• System Designs

Office Manager

• Resolution of Procedure system discrepancies
• Control and Maintenance of the system
• Documentation and change Control

Site Supervisors

• Planning and co-ordination
• Control of production and measuring equipment
• Maintenance of support stores
• Processing of sales orders
• Planning and performance of installation, Technical assistance
• Repairs, Testing and maintenance activities
• Control of equipment and materials allocated

Accounts Manager

• Control of Finance, Accounts operations
• Invoicing & Applications
• Supplier selection and purchasing
• Checking of sales orders

Foreman/Charge Hand

• Control of Stock
• Replenishment Recommendation
• Protection and preservation of stock
• Receiving Inspection
• Packaging and Dispatch


• All administrative duties
• Quotations
• Checking of Supplier invoices/delivery notes
• Maintaining insurances


Our policy is reviewed at our annual Company Meeting but its effectiveness is measured during our day to day monitoring of our procedures and any changes are made and communicated as necessary.

Name Terry McNulty – Director
29th February 2024